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Last update: September 7, 2022

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Just added:

Added the page 236 and page 237

The word Ruth from page 972

The word Chaldeans from Page 493 and Page 494

The word Shema from Page 1086 and Page 1087

The word Qarib

The word Kippor

The word Eve [i.e., Havah "breath" the first woman] from pages 298 and 299

The word Slave, Servant from pages 739, 740, and 741

Page 232 through 235

The word Jehovah (The primary Name of God)

The word Cherubim, Cherub

The word David (translated usually as "beloved" and is the name of a King of Israel)

The word tow'ebah / to-ay-baw (translated usually as "abomination")

The word Nacham (usually translated as "repenteth" and other derivatives).

The word Redemption

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Lamad - The twelth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. As a numeral it denotes 30.


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